The Journey

August 16, 2017

I came onto the music scene and people were surprised. Most people had no clue I sang let alone was this into being creative. We put out In and Out of Love…that’s when we started to gain attention. Some people were cool to me while others were extremely judgmental. It’s cool I get it…some like and some hate. Part of the deal. I continued to experiment creatively (to discover more about myself) and everyone got confused. All these colors, different styles, what is she, who’s she trying to be, I don’t get it, I don’t get her, I don’t understand, and she’s weird.

I don’t blame them because there where times I didn’t understand myself either. They thought I was weird because they didn’t understand what I was trying to do. If I had never been “Storm” (my goth days) I would of never found the person I need to become when I’m on stage. I used to be so nervous to perform but after finding that other “personality” it’s easier singing live. Now that it’s been a few years I feel people are starting to get it….to get me. Now I hear – Corvaa I know her. She always has different styles and she’s a singer. She does a lot of house music and she’s different. She kind of does things her own way.

I would have to say the thing that makes me happiest is when people say – I love her because she keeps it real. That’s something I’ve been trying to do and maintain since the beginning. I’m not scared to voice my opinion, stand tall for what I believe in, curse, sometimes too much haha, and stay true to who I am. We all know doing music is full time job and in this business sometimes certain things have to go down. Being an entertainer doesn’t mean just doing what’s expected or unexpected but about HOW to keep the spotlight on yourself. I mean there’s an entire business that fuels this concept and it’s called Public Relations.

By this time, as in today, I think a lot of people who watch my snapchat or read my book entries realize I’m educated. They realize ok wait a minute this really isn’t some stupid girl…this is an educated young woman who is extremely driven. What i’m trying to say is I feel I needed a couple years just for people to see the different sides of my personality. In this current moment I think people have gotten to know me on a more personal note and they like me because they see I’m a fun person.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own inner demons or inner struggles in life but i’m a fun person. I wrote a whole EP (unreleased) that’s about all the fucked up shit I went through growing up. One day I’ll release it but that’s a story for another time. People realized my heart is truly in this for the right reasons which is to learn and grow. That I genuinely do want to befriend everyone I meet or come across and it’s not with some hidden agenda. My parents raised me to be that kind of person. If I happen to blow up one day….that’s awesome. If I don’t…I don’t regret a thing because I became a better person from everything I’ve experienced.

My hopes with the album are to reach more people and hopefully inspire more people to go after their passion in life. I always say if only I had met Mark J sooner we could of gotten farther by now…but you know what…everything happens as it should. I trust in God and I trust in my gut feelings. I feel very strongly that I’m right where I’m supposed to be in this life and I will end up exactly where I’m meant to be in the end. Where exactly is that? Who knows but I’m enjoying every minute of this…even the shitty days because my soul has been awakened. I’m finally living my life for me and not for anyone else. It’s like coming out of a coma and finally feeling alive again. The fact that people are actually being receptive of my music…it’s just a bonus.

Thank you to everyone who takes an interest and to all the people who have stuck by us since the beginning. There is more on the way.

We love you.