February 05, 2016

I was just confirmed to perform for the RAW showcase at Melrose Ballroom on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. This venue is huge and the main area alone is 5,000 sq ft with amazing lighting and a video wall. Checkout the venue here: www.melroseballroom.com – Tickets are going for $20.00 a piece and can be purchased through my artist account: www.rawartists.org/corvaa (Click New York, under my profile picture and it will re-direct you to the ticket link – then click Corvaa for artist you would like to support)AAEAAQAAAAAAAAX2AAAAJGFmY2Q1ZDU3LWQ4YjYtNDhjYS05Y2MzLTM3YWMxYTYxYWUzYg