March 20, 2018

When I tell you I was in a rush…I got all the files into mastering 3 minutes before our deadline. They had to be in by 6pm and I literally uploaded everything by 5:57PM. We were up till 9:30am the night before tweaking the mixes yet again and adding more vocal parts. Down to the wire man. It was nuts. There I am recording at 5am lol. So far the mastering guy is diggin the songs and likes my concept for the album. The person doing the mastering has mastered Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Beck, Katy Perry, etc so if he likes it that’s definitely a good sign. We will be receiving the finalized files by tonight and then next Monday the album will be officially released. It’s been a long road with many obstacles but we fought our way through and I cannot wait for you all to hear it!!!!

Movin On – 3/26