August 17, 2017

I haven’t Googled myself in…dear lord I don’t even remember to be honest. I usually just post on social media when I need to and then go back to working. Well I just did today and this is so dope. Thanks Google for listing me and making me feel all legit. This and the fact that I’m listed on 22 pages through Google is even more awesome. I’m even more thankful for all the friends I’ve made around the world. It really is the coolest feeling knowing my music is the reason we met.

So it’s now 4:44am, I’m on five hours of sleep, and I’m still working away on this album. It’s definitely a lot more involved then I initially thought BUT I love music. I couldn’t be happier and that’s why people need to remind me to take breaks. I yawn and think stop slacking but then my team reminds me um you barely slept or ate. Whoopsie