November 30, 2017

I had my geneticist appointment earlier today and nothing else was detected! They strongly believe the variant found in my DNA is just a different cell but is nothing harmful. I’ve been going through this for seven years and worrying about cancer. I get monitored all the time between so many different doctors and specialists. To finally know this after all this time is the best feeling ever. The first thought I had after they told me….thank you Pa pa.

Sometimes people lose sight that life truly is a gift and it’s so important to always remember that. Knowing that I will be able to live mine and that I do not need surgery anytime soon is a huge blessing. Most people don’t know this but my medical history and all these doctor appointments are a huge part of my drive. When you think your time is limited you really start to value everyday. For a long time now I was convinced I wouldn’t make it to thirty five because of my family history and other medical factors. For a long time I was convinced that I would not be able to have my own children or have a family of my own. For a long time I was convinced that my life would be over way earlier then it should. For a long time I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to have…much of a life. To know that God is looking out for me as well as Pa pa and that I do not have to worry the way I was is amazing. I already felt extremely grateful for being brought to this country but ater all of this my level of gratitude is just beyond.

I do need to continue being monitored because of the “cell of uncertain significance” but in being tested for another 62+ genes and coming up clear…it’s a huge win. They did state that the chances of the cell found (being cancerous) are slim but there is still always a possibility. I will continue being proactive and I am so happy that this was the outcome with my health. Back to working hard, being there for my family, and following my dreams.