September 26, 2017

When I was 23 I went for Bracca (genetic) testing. I went because my family has a history of ovarian cancer. In doing so they found an abnormal cell and it was hard to accept. To grasp that I could have a cancerous cell in my body at such a young age was insane. Since that day I have been doing everything in my power to be monitored and to lower my chances of getting ovarian cancer.

All the doctor appointments and information can be overwhelming but I believe that knowledge is power. I do not fear what they tell me but I only focus on what I can do with the information once I’m told. You guys know my personality and once I’m on a mission I will stop at nothing to see it through. I haven’t been back to my geneticist in 7 years because I never had access to the information I needed. Now that I actively speak with my birth siblings in Greece I was able to go back and be tested again. They are currently testing for 60+ new genes and I hope to learn more information about the cell found years ago. There is the chance that no further information can be given but I am determined to figure this out. In 3 weeks from today I will definitely learn more and I just hope it can provide more insight.

I just want to say thank you to Dr. Chung for doing everything she can to keep me informed and safe. You are the most amazing doctor ever and I think we were destined to meet. You don’t just do your job but you go above and beyond for your patients. Thank you for everything. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the results. The reason i’m finally putting this out there is I want everyone to know you can take control of your health. Be proactive. Get tested. Get educated. I might be fine or I might have an issue but either way I am staying informed and that is the most important part. Embrace the knowledge…do not fear it.

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