September 15, 2017

We had a session the other night and not much was accomplished. What I will say is once a storm passes sunshine is to follow. Thank God for this discrepancy because we are even more productive because of what happened. It made me realize that conflict is good because it leads to positive or necessary change. I was stressed from the issue but I feel relieved because it actually made the situation so much better. I am not used to going into sessions and things not working out at all. I go in prepared to record and while there may be slight tweaks it’s never been Corvaa none of this works. I wished this was discovered prior to the session but there is a lot involved doing an entire album. Keeping track of all the moving parts for so many different songs isn’t the easiest. A lot of work goes into releasing just one single so twelve songs is a lot to take on. We’ll get everything where it needs to be though…we always do. I actually believe the issue happened to only strengthen the material as change to me never makes things worse. Doing this album could be equated to climbing a mountain. Of course there will be times you are exhausted, frustrated, or want to lose hope but once you reach the top of the mountain it makes all that effort worth it. Tunnel vision to the top team. We got this.