August 28, 2017

I can’t believe my birthday is next week but I am most excited for this album! The time has come to start recording the final vocals. We’ve been working hard and I’ve been patiently waiting for this. Nothing in this life makes me happier then singing…besides getting married lol. We will be recording a record per week until all twelve songs are completed. After that it will be onto mixdown and mastering. It’s been grueling to say the least in getting to this point BUT we made it. I’ve been in touch with a lot of people who have contributed to my artistic vision lately. In all of these conversations it really is awesome to discuss where I started to where I am now. I did read through certain opinions of my journey and I would like to publicly agree with one statement. Image is important but putting image before substance is the wrong way to go about things.

Previously I was very anxious to have people know who I am and what I do. Slowly but surely it started to become more about my image, nails, and personality vs the actual music. There is going to be a huge switch up once this album is released as the main focus will be on the music. It’s cool to do different looks and be visually creative but I’m not trying to be some manufactured poster child. I’m really just trying to be myself and showcase the things that matter to me. Now I can’t help it if certain people want the focus on my image as it’s a huge part of the entertainment business but that was never my intention. Part of this business is going with what your audience takes an interest in so we marketed certain aspects based on that. This is not to say people didn’t take an interest in the music (they did) but my job suddenly became about these “looks” vs working on my music.

It got to a point where I said you know what enough is enough….I’m here to sing not be some perfectly sculpted image. I’m not saying I am perfect I’m saying showcasing this idea of beautiful or perfect all the time. Since that happened I now go to a lot of sessions with minimal makeup and my hair up with no extensions. It’s a good feeling to just be myself and not be focused on image until those moments where I have to. We live in a world where people are obsessed with image and I understand that but if you want a model I’m not the one to be looking at. I’m a creative and driven young woman who wants her thoughts heard. I am not some image obsessed human who wants to be remembered for how “hott” I look or “how far” I can push the sexual envelope. I am here to entertain while keeping it real and hold true to what I represent. I hope to represent a person who sets an example for others in terms of determination, passion, motivation, hard work, and creative thinking. I don’t regret anything that has happened though…it’s all about learning. You cannot learn without making mistakes but to be honest I hate that word mistake. So I will say you cannot learn without testing out all of your options. I went with certain options in the past that I may not repeat in the future but they did teach me important lessons.

One last thing…

I want to openly thank the person who started that forum about me. You did half the work for us and I hope you continue to do so. Thanks friend 🙂