August 10, 2017

I’ve decided that I need to fully focus on my album and my family. While I am sincerely appreciative for the additional opportunities being offered they need to be put on hold. To me an opportunity is anything that can help you learn and grow. Once my album is at a certain point it will be back to all the collabs. So shout out to the artists in California, Sweden, Miami, New Jersey, etc that want to work with me. I promise you once the album is where it needs to be we will be back to that new music. There is so much planning that goes into an album vs a single. A few days ago we mapped everything out to the smallest detail and I’m just like…damn we have our work cut out. I’m really excited because I love being challenged (otherwise I get bored) but I was looking over our calendars thinking…and back to not sleeping much. Ever since I got that vaccine shot I haven’t been getting sick the way I used to. Despite my on going lack of sleep I should be able to maintain myself. I found out (last year) that my immune system was weak and I needed to receive this shot to boost it once a year. What a difference it did make as there was a time I was in and out of the hospital way too frequently. I remember ending up in the ER about 4 times in a month from having such health issues. It was a frustrating time for a while but God answered my prayers and we finally solved the problem. I wish that were the end of my own health concerns but it’s unfortunately not. I have an important doctor appointment coming up and I’ll have to make some decisions. It’s going to sound weird but I’m honestly grateful for these difficulties because these are the things responsible for my work ethic. These are the things that push me to accomplish my goals. These are the things that make me stand tall in my own desires and these are the things responsible for not letting me become someone I don’t want to be. When you can find a way to use your biggest weakness as your greatest strength thats when you have real power. I control my own destiny and I will do what I set out to do…no matter where my health takes me.