August 01, 2019

Why Are We has gotten 62 plays (so far) on Top 40 across the country!!!! You never know the outcome or how much radio play you’ll get (if any) with original music but I am thrilled to hear this news! I’m so thankful that the DJ’s are loving the music enough to want to play it on air. We went hard on this record/remix bundle and we’ll continue to do so with all our future releases. I really never thought we would be getting the exposure or support we are receiving. I started doing music just because I’m obsessed with being creative. The people who really know myself and my team know that we are in this because we live to create. We put everything into our projects and have gone through so much in our personal lives at the same time. I really just want to thank EVERYBODY for taking an interest and helping to spread the good word. Shoutout to the following states for playing my music…pretty fuckin awesome: Washington, California, Utah, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas.