June 05, 2017

We are getting closer and closer to completing the album! There will be a lot to discuss once it is released but until then I cannot disclose much. I can honestly say I am putting everything I have into this project. I think it’s something you start to realize the older you become. You either give something your all or you realize there is no point in doing it. Everything is subject to change as creativity must stay unplanned but thirteen is still the total song count. I say unplanned because things always have a way of happening that can make small or big changes. When we did my EP we were altering parts down to the last minute. Sometimes that happens with my performances too but that’s what I mean…can’t be afraid of the unknown. This album is able to be what it is because I’ve let go of my Virgo mentality. That was a huge personal struggle for me because I was obsessed with planning every little thing. The problem is that it’s not realistic in the music world. Proud of myself that I was able to realize and overcome the fear of being unplanned. In my opinion an artists work should come down to them and not their team. Don’t get me wrong as everyone has their role because clearly I cannot take on everything. What I mean is the thought process behind it or the vision towards it should come from them. It upsets me a great deal that so many artists lose their creative control by being signed to labels. These labels end up dictating what they want for their artists because they only are focused on what sells quickly. What if you were able to have more longevity for that artist and in return were able to sell more IF they were able to stay true to themselves? What if it meant it would take double the time? You shouldn’t expect to receive a big payoff if you’re not willing to put in the time and take big risks. If i’m sacrificing everything to become the best I can in the entertainment industry then I expect the same from those around me. I still stand by my original statement. I am not looking to be signed to a major label from a concern in that area. What I want is a distribution deal through a major label so that I am able to continue my vision through my own company/label. I want to be involved with other creative minds that understand who, “Corvaa” is and trust in my judgement. People who can contribute to the vision and make it stronger but won’t doubt in where it’s going. I think people get so used to giving up their own happiness or opinions to satisfy the higher ups around them. I refuse. I will proceed forward with my integrity, vision, and standards in place or I will gladly surrender. I am willing to take on or do just about anything but it does not include compromising my own moral stance. I take advice and listen to many opinions but having someone else dictate everything…I would be living a lie. A lot of people would rather take the small fish because they come along often and are easier to catch. For me I would rather have patience and work hard to go after that one big fish. Whether I obtain it or not is up to God but I know I will have learned the most about myself and what I’m capable of in the process.