June 24, 2017

This album is all about team work and I couldn’t be prouder of my team right now. I’ve always said surround yourself with people who have like minded goals. When you combine the right positive energy it’s unbelievable what can be accomplished. It’s going to be a tough decision in picking the first single. So many tracks are super catchy and well thought out. Right now it’s crunch time for us as we are planning to go in and record the final vocals shortly. There is still a ton to be completed before that happens but I’m not worried. I thrive off pressure. I find myself rising to the occasion when it would be easier to just give up or lose hope. I guess once I set my mind to something there is literally no stopping me no matter what. On a more personal note…I want to thank everyone for being so compassionate regarding my father’s health. He is now is remission from his battle with cancer and we are extremely happy. I wish I could say we are out of the woods and everything will be fine but unfortunately we are not. It is a step in the right direction but the rest is in God’s hands. I don’t have further information as we are waiting on more details from all of the doctors. I am proud of him for fighting hard and going into remission. We were not sure that it would even be possible but are thrilled it’s come true. I hope everyone continues to keep him in their prayers and understands just how much my pa pa means to me. I wouldn’t be the driven, focused, and hardworking woman that I am without his guidance. Life is short and I know no matter what he would want me to follow through on my responsibilities. Well I said I’m going to put out an album…and i’m going to. Not only am I putting out my first album but it will be the best reflection of growth to date. At a time when I should be crumbling from personal grief and several other factors I find a way to persevere. Always believe in your own inner strength as your mind holds the power to overcome anything and everything. Back to the album…I love you pa pa. You’re my world and I promise to make you proud the way you make me proud everyday.