May 08, 2019

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to make the final tweaks towards my new single Why Are We. You will be able to hear more maturity in terms of the song layout and my vocal takes. We’ve been working out of another new studio in New Jersey and I feel most comfortable at this spot. It’s one thing to create vocal melodies but then getting a record just right so it highlights your own voice is tricky. If you take the same vocal melody and have two different singers sing it…trust me the melody will be altered. Everyone has their own unique sound, tone, inflection, and style. I am very proud of this record and the entire team for how hard everyone is working. It really does take an army to get a great product and then an even bigger one to market/promote. The genre is Pop/Dance/House with (vocal) R&B undertones. The vibe is what i’m calling Chenergy = Chill Energy. They’re parts of the song that are more chill and then other parts with a more energized feel. Looking forward to sharing this with you all….in a few weeks!