March 25, 2019

I am getting the opportunity to record all over the place and its a real crazy concept. Most studios charge everyone but I keep getting invited to studios by the employee’s who have heard of me online. Getting invited to so many different spots is a pretty legit feeling. I still just think of myself as that girl who is singing through a cell phone and uploading to SoundCloud. I don’t know if it will ever sink in about everything that’s going on or about all of the people who know of me now but I sort of don’t want it to because it keeps me appreciative. Keeping the right attitude and knowing you are no better than anyone is really important. I do music but I’m just like everyone else on a human level. The experimentation continues in terms of sounds and genres. There is so much more to me as an artist and to my personality besides house music. Its important the records that we release continue to show the growth and progression in terms of vocal melodies + production.