2 Months

January 16, 2018

I miss you every second of everyday and feel your energy in my every thought. We finished the first song at 5am this morning Pa pa and I will come to play them all for you once the album is finished. I’ve been working very hard and staying on track with my goals because I know you believe in me and do not want me upset. You came to me in my dreams weeks ago and signified that you are okay. I accept that we have parted for now and know you are with me in my soul. It’s very difficult to say that but I understand what I must do and I will love you forever.

(2 months has flown by. Very fitting that this is my 100th blog post on LinkedIn. I graduated from Lynn University in Florida but when I was little I always wanted to attend Hofstra. I was surprised to learn I had a scholarship in my and my brothers name. That’s just the kind of father he was…forever giving)