February 28, 2018

Just finished a 12.5 hour session (3:30am now)….ate quick…now going back to work till 7am. After that I sleep for a minute to be back in session at 2pm till 2am again. People can say a lot of things about me but one thing you can’t say a thing about is my work ethic. I work my ass off. You want to know why I’m working this hard? Because I want it THAT bad. Dreams don’t just produce themselves. You have to work really hard on anything in life especially a spot in the music industry. That’s cool with me because I thrive off pressure and being challenged. I’ve literally convinced myself that there is nothing I cannot do because everything comes down to state of mind. If you always say you can’t of course you won’t be able to but you’d be surprised how much farther you’ll get just by telling yourself I can. Any outcome of any situation (in my opinion) comes back to you. To the one it starts with. So the question is – how bad do you want it?

Back to work.