December 27, 2017

In a couple months the album will finally be released. It’s pretty crazy. When you work on something so hard and for so long it seems never ending. People who aren’t in the music industry always ask why it takes so long to do original music. Several reasons. For me personally it doesn’t help that I’m a Virgo and an extreme perfectionist. I always think things can be better even after we say ok this is the final. There’s so much that goes into one original song let alone a bundle of eleven. First there’s the foundation of the track production wise, then there’s the actual song melody, next is the counter melodies, harmonies, ad-libs, etc, then you start filling in each part of production, then the best vision for each part doesn’t always come right away, and so on. That’s just one route of doing it but sometimes creativity takes a second and then there’s other times where you come up with an entire song really fast. To some those are usually the best ones because there’s no pushing it’s just there from the jump. Regardless of which way each record came about I feel very confident in each one. I can honestly say what I set out to do is exactly what we have accomplished. A lot of work went into the project and then combine that with losing my father, my own health stuff, holidays, financial conflict, etc we are all very excited to wrap it up. I am extremely eager to see what everyones reaction will be…and that time will be upon us soon.

Happy Holidays everybody and for anyone going through a hard time just remember…this too shall pass.