October 03, 2017

We’ve been testing out different equipment and artists to see who we feel is the best fit to track my vocals. It’s always good to switch things up as I feel that’s the best way to grow and not get stuck in a comfort zone. I love meeting so many different creative minds and learning more about the technical side. As of now we slashed a song from the project so the count is at eleven but who knows if it will find it’s way back around. Things change so much and so frequently it really is hard to predict what the final cut will be. It’s cool to see how many different ideas we’ve created and then watching how we narrow things down to the selected bunch. I’ve been adding in a ton of vocal parts and becoming even more hands on with production stuff.

On another note…I feel terrible to those that were in Las Vegas at the time of the shooting. There is so much craziness happening in our world and I wish there was more love vs hate. The amount of people involved with this tragedy is insane and it makes you think nowhere will be safe. I hope our government works harder to protect us and this country from anymore devastation. Sending love to LV.