January 22, 2018

I was sick last week, took a while to get better, and then I got sick again recently. Ah the joys of having a weakened immune system. Luckily I will be getting that vaccine to boost my immune system ASAP. Everything is coming together for the album minus my body not wanting to cooperate. The cover, back cover, booklet, layout of sections, etc and all of the music are still right on schedule. I just submitted in my sketch (yes I personally sketch/draw out all my ideas) of what will be on the album disc and I’m very excited to see the first proof. There is a lot of thought as to why I’m picking certain things or choosing specific placement for others. The story explaining all of these fine details will be discussed in my upcoming radio interviews. I know I say this often but I want to say it again…thank you to everyone who’s stuck with us during this process. It’s been over a year of this album being in the works and it really is gratifying seeing it all come to life.

Back to it.